Tools for getting multimedia content online

(for teaching materials, hosting content, self/student-publishing, personal websites, etc.)

  • – 4$/monthly or $24/yearly, easy, high templated design
  • – free, need your own server, not so easy
  • – free, easy, moderate templated design
  • – free, open-source static-file CMS, need your own server
  • – Blot is a blogging platform with no interface, $30/yr,
  • – free, easy, templated, microblogging, members, easy multi-media
  • -free, academic focused open publishing.fac dev, course hosting platform
  • – free, open source, html presentation framework, moderate
  • – free, WSIWYG drag and drop website maker, easy, slightly buggy/save+refresh often, very multimedia focused
  •  – free, easy online poster etc designing
  • – free, Born-digital, open source, media-rich scholarly publishing that’s as easy as blogging.
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THATCamp links–for everyone to share

Feel free to use this shared document to share links, including links to your own materials (syllabi, etc.). You can then remove the links from this document if you no longer want the material to be public.

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#19: Tools and Examples for Digital Composing/Multimedia Essays

#19: Digital Composing/Multimedia Essays

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Links discussed in Session #18

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Links discussed in Session #12

During session #12 (digital mapping), several websites came up in conversation. I gathered the links and will share them here:

Stanford Spatial History Project:

University of Richmond’s digital scholarship lab (mapping inequality)

StoryMaps website (ArcGIS Online);

History pin:

Heurist database:

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Corpus Analysis Software

I’m proposing a “Play” session where we use Laurence Anthony’s suite of freeware corpus analysis software–found at— to analyze various humanities-based texts: literature, poetry, song lyrics, etc. As we play with the software, participants could discuss insights that these tools might bring to their research and/or teaching.

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Mapping in the Humanities

Given the growing integration of mapping into digital humanities projects, geographic  information systems (GIS) has become a particular useful tool in these endeavors. Whether used as a repository of spatially linked data or as a visualization tool, GIS has created an open invitation for the collaboration of scholars, students, and practitioners from different disciplines. This open invitation can only reach its full potential if current GIS users are able to incorporate non-GIS users into the development of future of projects. With this in mind, I would like to invite current GIS and non-GIS users to a discussion on the concept and capabilities of GIS for mapping purposes in the humanities. In keeping with the spirit of THATCamp, I envision this as a spontaneous discussion/demonstration where we can:

1) share personal views and experiences with mapping tools/software,

2) answer questions or uncertainties that may be keeping you or other users from implementing mapping technology into current or future projects,

3) explore mapping tools/applications,

4) explore opportunities for collaboration.

Participants from all levels of mapping and GIS competency, software operation, and practical backgrounds are welcome! The goal is to share different perspectives and to answer as many questions as possible. I have no preference on the timing of the session, morning or afternoon will work well. However, space and time are limited, so I’m open to a merger with other mapping/GIS sessions as well. I look forward to meeting all campers!


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Marshall University’s Open Access Journals

Marshall currently hosts 3 open access journals–Euscorpius, the Marshall Journal of Medicine, and Sermon Studies–and more are in the pipeline. In this “Talk” session, we’ll hear from 3 people who are involved with these projects:

  • Jingping Zhang, Director of Libraries Operations
  • Larry Sheret, Instruction and Emerging Technologies Librarian
  • Robert Ellison, Assistant Professor of English and editor-in-chief of Sermon Studies

We’ll talk about such things as how and why Marshall got involved in open access journals, the different publication models the journals have adopted, how others can start journals of their own, and so on. We’ll also discuss how Marshall Digital Scholar can support other DH programs on campus. We’d love to have you join us!

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Announcing THATCamp Marshall 2018

THATCamp Marshall 2018 will take place on March 31 at Marshall University’s Visual Arts Center. Registration is now open. For your $30 registration fee, you will be provided with a THATCamp Marshall 2018 t-shirt, lunch, coffee, water, and snacks. Undergraduate and graduate students, your registration is free of charge, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Students, please make sure to complete the registration form.

You don’t need to be a Marshall student, faculty, or staff member to attend THATCamp Marshall 2018. All are welcome!

Please contact Dr. Kristen Lillvis () with any questions.

We appreciate those who have offered support to THATCamp Marshall 2018. Thank you to the College of Liberal ArtsDepartment of EnglishDepartment of Geography, and Honors College for sponsoring student registrations. Thank you to the School of Art & Design for making the Visual Arts Center available. Thank you to Ohio University’s Office of Instructional Innovation for sponsoring registrations. Thank you to University Communications for supplying us with shirts. Thank you to Jackson Armstrong for his administrative expertise.

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