Marshall University’s Open Access Journals

Marshall currently hosts 3 open access journals–Euscorpius, the Marshall Journal of Medicine, and Sermon Studies–and more are in the pipeline. In this “Talk” session, we’ll hear from 3 people who are involved with these projects:

  • Jingping Zhang, Director of Libraries Operations
  • Larry Sheret, Instruction and Emerging Technologies Librarian
  • Robert Ellison, Assistant Professor of English and editor-in-chief of Sermon Studies

We’ll talk about such things as how and why Marshall got involved in open access journals, the different publication models the journals have adopted, how others can start journals of their own, and so on. We’ll also discuss how Marshall Digital Scholar can support other DH programs on campus. We’d love to have you join us!

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About Robert Ellison

I am an Assistant Professor of English at Marshall. I guess you could say I'm pretty "wired": I'm a heavy user of Blackboard, the editor of an online journal, and so on. I've also gotten in on the "ground floor" of DH at Marshall, participating in a Faculty Learning Community and team-teaching an intro to digital literary studies.

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