Tools for getting multimedia content online

(for teaching materials, hosting content, self/student-publishing, personal websites, etc.)

  • – 4$/monthly or $24/yearly, easy, high templated design
  • – free, need your own server, not so easy
  • – free, easy, moderate templated design
  • – free, open-source static-file CMS, need your own server
  • – Blot is a blogging platform with no interface, $30/yr,
  • – free, easy, templated, microblogging, members, easy multi-media
  • -free, academic focused open publishing.fac dev, course hosting platform
  • – free, open source, html presentation framework, moderate
  • – free, WSIWYG drag and drop website maker, easy, slightly buggy/save+refresh often, very multimedia focused
  •  – free, easy online poster etc designing
  • – free, Born-digital, open source, media-rich scholarly publishing that’s as easy as blogging.
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About Daniel Dean

Daniel Dean teaches a range of courses that span new media, theory and digital design, as well as video and motion graphics courses that are integral to programs in both visual art and video production. His work combines aspects of new media, sculpture, and design, alongside a critical interrogation of contemporary technology, and has been shown nationally and internationally at venues such as the Soap Factory, Weisman Art Museum, the Beijing Film Academy, and ZKM in Germany. He engages regularly in collaborative work and is one of the core members of Futures North, a collaborative design, fabricate, and build team, whose work has been commissioned by such notable organizations as Northern Spark and is regularly supported by significant public art grants.